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Our Science Aims to Improve the Lives of Patients with Food Allergies and Other Immunological Diseases

Patients Are at the Core of Everything We Do

Food allergies are serious medical conditions that occur when the body has an adverse immune response to certain foods. In people with food allergies, the immune system mistakenly responds to a certain food as if it were harmful. For these patients and their families, the food allergy is never out of sight, out of mind.

Historically, food-allergic patients have seen limited pharmaceutical development in this field, with allergen avoidance and rescue medication in case of an allergic reaction as the current standard of care. At DBV, we are committed to investigating and developing potential treatments for food allergies. Our teams of scientists and clinicians have been leading the development of a technology platform called Viaskin™.

The Viaskin™ Platform

As a potential new class of treatment, Viaskin is designed to re-educate the immune system through the skin, which may offer a non-invasive treatment option to patients.

Scientific Publications & Presentations

Three scientists talking while one is using a microscope
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